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Sports Therapy

stability training

Below is a list of some of the more common sports injuries Dr. Johnson has successfully treated over the years.


-Football player with chronic pulled hamstring

-Softball pitcher with hip and knee pain

-Hockey player with groin and shoulder pain

-Baseball player with pain swinging

-Baseball pitcher with inner elbow and or shoulder pain

-Soccer player with hip and back pain

-Basketball player with chronic ankle sprains

-Golfer with hip, back, and knee pain

-Guitarist with shoulder pain

-Martial arts instructor with hip and shoulder pain

-Cheerleader with back pain

-Dance performer with hip and back pain

-Wrestler with neck and back pain

-Competitive swimmer with shoulder and back pain

-Volleyball player with shoulder pain

-Bicyclist with back pain

-Weight lifter with back pain

-Runner with shin splints

-Cross fitter or mud runner with pain everywhere :)

An ounce of prevention is worth it’s weight in gold

The cliche is true.  Many of today’s most common athletic injuries can be prevented with the appropriate preventive exercises for the demands of the specific sport and position the athlete participates in.  The best time to work on preventive exercises is during the off season or down time because once the grind of the season starts the window for prevention is usually closed or closing fast because of the demands of the season.  For example the research shows that there are about four main factors that increase the risk of non-contact ACL injuries.  Some of these risk factors can be decreased with certain specific exercises designed for ACL prevention.  For about the past ten years there have been some colleges that have taken this research seriously and implemented ACL prevention programs.The preliminary data from these colleges over the past ten years is that these programs are showing a significant reduction in ACL injuries compared to programs that don’t have prevention programs in the works. If you are a serious athlete and your sport or position is notorious for having common injuries wouldn’t you rather prevent it from happening in the first place rather than not doing your best to prevent it and then having to go through a probable surgery and perhaps a year or longer of rehabilitation just to get back to where you already were?  If so, Dr. Johnson has trained with the leading sports rehabilitation experts in the world and is eager to pass his knowledge on. 

Injured Athlete

If you happen to have the misfortune of having to go through a serious injury Dr. Johnson can help too.  As an athlete you have special requirements. With short busy seasons an injury could end your ability to compete, so you need minimal or no down time. You need to rebuild your body and rebuild it fast. Not only do you want to recover from your injury, but you want to come back stronger, smarter, faster, bigger and better than before the injury!

If this is the way you feel about recovering from an injury then you will want to see Dr. Johnson at Core Chiropractic.

Minimal or No Down Time

We understand how important it is for you to stay in the game. If you sustained an injury, we will typically modify your exercise so you do not risk further injury. We may suggest an orthotic support such as a brace or a specific taping technique to further help stabilize an injured joint.

We'll start you on cutting edge sports therapy and nutritional support to speed your recovery.

Stronger, Faster, Bigger and Better!

You will not only recover from your injury but return to your sport new and improved. An integral part of our sports therapy program includes an exercise rehabilitation program specific to your sports demands and injury recovery.

Training programs typically incorporate core strength training, spinal stabilization exercises, proprioceptive training, plyometrics, speed, agility and other sport specific techniques.

It is Dr. Johnson’s passion to provide only the finest sport and spine chiropractic care to his patients.  Over the years Dr. Johnson has had great success with athletes in many different sports from junior high age, to college athletes, to professional and “weekend warrior” type athletes. 



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