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Head and Neck

Millions of people suffer from neck pain and it is so common that many of them think it is normal and everyone lives with it, but that is not true.  Did you know that all of your spinal nerves travel through the neck and there are over twenty different muscles between the head and neck alone and even more if we include the connection between the neck and shoulders?   Causes of neck pain can be similar to those discussed for back pain.  If you are living with neck pain our Doctors can help.   They are trained to examine all the different reasons that we suffer from neck pain to pin point the reasons that you do and come up with a solution for relief.  If you haven’t seen a Chiropractor for your neck pain now is the time to start!

Headaches and Migraines

Do you suffer from headaches or migraines?  Billions of dollars are spent annually on medication for headaches and migraines because people don’t know what else to do.  Chiropractic care has been shown to be very effective in reduction and even elimination of headaches.  When the spine is aligned and pressure is removed from the nervous system and surrounding muscles, it can prevent headaches, even migraines from occurring.  In addition to migraine headaches we see many patients that suffer from tension headaches and because of that we have a series of posters in the office where you can often locate your headache pain through a series of pain pictures and we can specifically target the muscles that are most likely to be the culprits.


Disc Bulges or Herniation

The easiest way for most people to understand a disc is to compare it to a jelly donut.  A disc is made up of a jelly like inside surrounded by strong ovalish to roundish fibers on the outside.  The bulge or herniation results as the outer fibers weaken and the inner jelly finds its way into the weak area and pushes against it causing the weak fibers to bulge or eventually herniate.  Common causes of this can be from an acute injury or consistent wear and tear over time.  The pain associated with a disc problem can be very different between different people.  Some people experience sharp shooting pain while others may experience dull achy pain, weakness, numbness, or headaches.  It is not uncommon for disc related nerve pain in the neck to refer down the arm or in some cases even the legs.  Disc related issues in the neck can also be big headache contributors in many cases.  Chiropractic has been shown to stop the advancement of the herniation and give relief to the associated pain. 



Neck Strain

Muscle/tendon strains and ligament sprains are usually a result of the associated tissues doing more than they are used to.  Ligament sprains are usually from stretching the involved ligament more than it is supposed to stretch causing tears and or bruising.  Most people are familiar with ankle sprains, but did you know you can also sprain ligaments in your neck or back in a similar manner?  Muscle and tendon strains in the neck are often related to quick unexpected movements to the neck.  Whiplash is a great example, but it doesn’t have to be that extreme.  Chiropractic care for neck strains and sprains can include manipulation, muscle therapies, and exercises.   




Subluxation is the term used for a vertebrae that is out of place.  Subluxations can happen for many different reasons from sleeping in a strange position, to a big sneeze, physical exertion, accidents, or countless other things, as stated in the back pain paragraph the list could go on forever.  When you have a subluxation normal spinal mechanics are disrupted and a cascade of events including pain often develops.  Our Doctors are experts at locating and correcting subluxations of the neck.


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