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Alternative Symptoms


Since Chiropractors work so closely with the nervous system literally any bodily disorder that is a result of nervous system interference has the potential to improve once the nervous system interference is relieved.  Dr. Johnson always enjoys when patients tell him about “other” health conditions that improve after beginning Chiropractic care that they never thought to mention in the first place.    Some examples are improvements with fibromyalgia, asthma, PMS related pain/dyscomfort, allergies, vertigo/dizziness, shortness of breath, erectile dysfunction, constipation, urinary incontinence, digestion, and more.  The reason for these “unexpected” improvements is because in many cases pain brings the patient into the office and that is all they tell the Doctor about.  What they often don’t realize is that the nerves that exit the spine in the area of discomfort travel to the organs that control the internal dysfunction that they don’t think to tell the Doctor about.  After treating the sore area the internal dysfunction often improves because of the improved nervous system function.  This type of interesting occurrence is one of the things that drew Dr. Johnson’s interest toward the Chiropractic field as a student.  If you suffer from abnormal or unusual health conditions that you have never had evaluated or have had evaluated but haven’t found the results you would like it would be a good idea to have your spine examined for nervous system interference that may be the root of your problems.  One of the many great qualities about Chiropractic in general is that we look to improve all these symptoms with an all natural hands on approach without the use of medication or surgery.  That’s why if you are thinking about making that first appointment or discussing a sensitive subject with your Doctor by going the route of Chiropractic you have nothing to lose! 

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